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About Caron Bart

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I am Bart Caron, a new and uprising graphic/web designer. I just finished a course in Webdesign at the VDAB campus in Heverlee, Belgium. Some know me as Kyu, Kyugesu or TTkyu (last one only on Deviant Art). And ... I'm looking for a job!

Why do I like designing so much?

I love designing because it allows me to express myself and to create new experimental works that will hopefully inspire others.

Is there a specific method in my designs?

Well personally I don't think so, I mostly start by opening PS, Illu and I start to draw with my Wacom tablet and I add stuff as I go along. Mostly I don't even have a concept when I start, it just comes to me when I'm working. Of course this can't be applied when making websites. To make websites I first sketch out my basic design and then I work it out using PS and Illu. Afterwards I put it up for discussion with the client and will then make the adjustments that the client requests.

How did I get into designing?

To cut a very long story short, it started by watching cartoons and reading comics: I drew and drew, copied a lot, and realised that maybe I had some talent. I chose a school with drawing in mind, and then one day, my sister brought home a Photoshop student version. I opened the program and I was hooked. And on top of that my parents bought me a drawing tablet!

Later during the webdesign course it started to down on me that I could actually earn a living while having fun.


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About My Websites

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All these websites where made as projects during my web designer course with the VDAB. The companies represented in the websites may have the name of a real company, but are all fictive companies.

Ghost in the Shell 1

For the Ghost in the Shell site the assignment was to make a fan site for an artist, someone or something that inspired us. Images not made by me, all credits go to their respective owners.

Gallerie 123

The Gallerie 123 site was our last group assignment in wich we had to make a site for a non-existent art gallery that represents some well known artists.

De Pomander

The Pomander site was an assignment to make a site for a florist. I put it in here because it involved quite some illustrator for the titles.

Ghost in the Shell 2

The second Ghost in the Shell site was for the same assignment as the first, just another design that many ppl also liked.

If any of the artists has any copyright problems with there being images on these sites, I will gladly make all necessary corrections.

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Contact Info

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Brouwerijstraat 7

1910 Kampenhout

0475 89 75 76


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About My Art Designs

Most of my designs are made completely in Photoshop. I sometimes use cinema 4d to make some 3d renders to use in my designs.

My favorite tool in PS is the smudge tool. I like it a lot because it has so many things you can do with it in combination with the rest of the tools.

It is rarely that I start a design with a complete concept in my mind. Most of the time I have some kind of idea of what I want but along the way I sculpt them till they are just right.